Inspiration & Workshops

Some subject matters lend themselves exceptionally well to a workshop whereby the participant can do, taste or make something themselves, which is why Dutch Cuisine organises various workshops addressing matters such as no waste, by-catch or menu engineering. Inspirational sessions for caterers on campaigning and menu and dish composition, or innovative workshops for catering industry professionals, in conjunction with Kitchen Republic, are also among the (tailored) options Dutch Cuisine has to offer.

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Inspirational session Dutch Cuisine on the map

Dutch Cuisine regularly organises inspirational sessions to place Dutch Cuisine on the map, for sustainable catering industry entrepreneurs (restaurants, and corporate and chain restaurants) or entrepreneurs who wish to operate in a more sustainable manner. These sessions are held at various locations throughout the country.

No waste workshop by Albert Kooy

Dutch Cuisine ambassador Albert Kooy regularly holds No Waste workshops. During this workshop, remainders were incorporated within the ingredients, such as bullock balls, stems, fish spare ribs and more surprises besides. And, of course, while doing so, he places the spotlight directly on Dutch Cuisine.

Healthy Lunch Canteen Workshop by Koppert Cress

Sustainable and healthy food for employees. Two Dutch luminaries have joined together for this particular subject. Rob Baan (Dutch Cuisine board member and ambassador since its inception) and Dutch Cuisine ambassador Bob Hutten have developed ‘The Healthy Lunch Canteen’ together. What exactly is served there? And what isn’t? How would a canteen of that nature integrate into your company, and what would this mean for the health and absenteeism of your staff members? Learn all this and more during the workshop.

By-catch on the menu

By-catch is a hot topic. But what is it exactly? Where can you buy it, what can you make with it, and how do you get it on the menu? Dutch Cuisine organises workshops and tastings in conjunction with producers and sea fishing businesses specialised in one of the most sustainable fishing methods: fly shooting.

Menu engineering with vegetables in the starring role

In this workshop, Dutch Cuisine and Green Deal partner Variatie in de Keuken reveal all there is to know about menu engineering. It’s all about restaurants and caterers being stimulated to utilise a varied selection, whereby the use of more vegetables and less meat is the key focus. In the coming years, extensive research will be conducted at various types of restaurants into consumer behaviour, health and sustainability. This research follows on from the successful interventions at the Van der Valk restaurants, where menu engineering was implemented. During the workshop, these experiences will be explained and shared.