Nutrition can play both a preventive and regressive role within healthcare, for instance to prevent or cure a number of lifestyle diseases. Dutch Cuisine would like to offer a positive contribution through the sharing of knowledge, its programme of ’healthy and tasty dishes’ for hospitals and healthcare institutions, and the implementation of healthy nutrition of the season as part of the health process.

Dutch Cuisine places nutrition-related health issues on the map, such as a high salt and sugar intake for instance, or the growing number of type 2 diabetes cases. Some of these lifestyle diseases can be demonstrably reduced through a fundamental change in eating patterns. The chefs of Dutch Cuisine can generate this change, and have a positive influence on our eating pattern by cooking according to the principles of Dutch Cuisine. In addition to their fantastic creations in restaurants, these chefs know how to inspire consumers with healthy, season-related products, which will enable the consumer at home to get started on recipes whereby vegetables and fruit play a key role. Dutch Cuisine will develop two-step cooking (tasty and easy) recipes for instance, in co-creation with ambassadors ‘Rudolf van Veen’ (SVH Master Chef) and Tamar de Weijer (general practitioner) of the National Plan of Action for Vegetables and Fruit.

In this manner, Dutch Cuisine is working together with parties from every layer and level of the food chain towards a wide range of sustainable and healthy food options; for hospitals, healthcare institutions and also for the consumers at home.


Never too young to learn

Is the key to a healthy generation a carefully prepared lunch at school? Is this a feasible aim, and what should a healthy and affordable school lunch look like? These questions will be addressed in the ‘Eten op School’ (eating at school) survey, which is being conducted by the VU Amsterdam, WUR and other affiliated partners, including Dutch Cuisine.


The key to a healthy generation

Dutch Cuisine is a participant in the TKI Healthy School Lunch partnership, which is focused on conducting research into the eating patterns of children in the Netherlands, and more specifically into the school lunch at primary schools. Parents, children, schools, and those sectors involved are looking into whether a school lunch (which had been put together by the school and offered at the school) is desirable and feasible, and what that school lunch should look like. Various lunch concepts have been conceived to this effect. Then, research will be conducted into whether a school lunch will contribute towards a healthier eating pattern and the educational performances of children at primary schools.

The partners within this collaborative effort are: Stichting Nederlands Bakkerij Centrum (NBC), Nederlandse Zuivel Organisatie (NZO), Koninklijke Vezet, AH, Ede council, VU, WUR and Dutch Cuisine.

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National Vegetable and Fruit Action Plan

It is the wish of Dutch Cuisine to visibly carry on its ’healthy and tasty dishes’ programme in hospitals and healthcare institutions. To this effect, an active collaboration has been launched in conjunction with the National Vegetable and Fruit Action Plan (NAGF). Within this joint effort, Dutch Cuisine will play a supporting role in realising its objectives, which include offering two-step cooking (tasty and easy) recipes, in co-creation with NAGF ambassadors SVH Master Chef Rudolf van Veen and general practitioner Tamar de Weijer.

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