Dutch Cuisine restaurant recruitment underway

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Dutch Cuisine has demonstrated that Dutch cooking is creative, varied and seasonal, and that it ties in entirely with the current zeitgeist whereby awareness and sustainable food play a major role. In order to convey this message to a large number of people, Dutch Cuisine has enlisted the help of restaurants and chefs. They can fulfil the role of proud friends and ambassadors of the Dutch cuisine like no other, and show it: ‘we embrace this unique food culture and opt for sustainable food.’ That is why Dutch Cuisine is looking to work with as many restaurants and chefs as possible that are willing to place at least one Dutch Cuisine dish on the menu. The main objective is that by the end of 2018, at least 1000 restaurants will permanently feature a minimum of one Dutch Cuisine dish on their menu. In order to attain this aim, Dutch Cuisine has launched a recruitment campaign among the Dutch hospitality sector, catering and healthcare
institutions. For additional information, have a look over at the renewed website of Dutch Cuisine: www.dutch-cuisine.nl